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Memories of Your Loved One
Cradled in Glass

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Heart Glass Studio

In the Continental U.S.
P.O. Box 364
Golden, CO 80401


HeartGlass Studio - Some of Our Creations

When you hold a HeartGlass Memory Sphere, Heart, or Mandala, you'll notice that there is a spiral of white particles and bubbles running through it. The particles are the ashes. The bubbles you see are the natural interaction of the glass and the organic materials cradled within. We like to think that each individual we memorialize in glass brings his or her unique spirit to the artwork. While we can control the patterns to a certain extent, we prefer to allow the materials to interact without interference from us. So, aside from a twist here and there for the spiraling effect, we generally don't try to force a design.

Listen to your heart and choose the colors, sizes and shapes that are right for you!


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