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Our Friends

We offer our heartfelt thanks to our first four friends. They were each beloved members of our families, and gave their all in service of our business!
All of our photos and samples are gifts from these much loved and very missed pets.


If you have purchased a HeartGlass Memory Sphere and you would like to share your thoughts and/or photos, we welcome your contribution to our memories page.
Simply send us an e-mail with a photo attachment (or not) to Marcie@HeartGlassStudio.com, and we'll be delighted to remember someone you love right along with you.


This is Flash — the  coolest cat that ever owned me! I let him fly away in 2002, and carried his ashes around for years, until he became the inspiration for HeartGlass. I think he'll always be the cat of my heart.
Chloe. A wonderful mother to Ruby and a gentle and steadfast friend to Julie's daughter Claire.

Ruby Tuesday — every bit as sweet as a Golden Retriever can be. A bit inclined towards trouble, but ever so sad when reprimanded...
Chance. My dad's dog, and Ruby's best buddy.  He only had three legs, but loved to run — and was he ever fast!

"When we opened our HeartGlass, we felt that intangible connection to Frosty who we had loved and who had loved and teased us for 20 years. "     — ntm




"Using her expert creative and artistic talents, Marcie was able to produce a lovely piece of glass that not only incorporated my father's ashes, but also a part of his essence.  The glass is not only a beautiful piece of art, but a wonderful memory of my dear dad.  I keep it close by and look fondly at it every day."     — Phyllis T.  









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